A technological change is an increase in the efficiency of a product. We need to create something new and make a change in the world with our ideas and innovations.

reduce cost

Reduces Cost

reduce cost

Greater Transparency


Increased Security


Reduced Fraud


Reduced Risk


What are Course Objectives

This Blockchain course offers hands-on training covering various platforms like Ethereum, 0xcert, tron, bigchainDB, Loom

From a technological standpoint, you will develop a strong grasp of core Blockchain platforms, understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, learn key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Blockchain, and understand why engineers are motivated to create an app with Ethereum

Hands-on exercises and projects will give you practical experience in real-world Blockchain development scenarios.









Skills You Will Learn

Coding skills

Coding skills are essential for logical interpretation and quantification. During the course you will get hands-on experience on modern languages like node.js, react.js and solidity.


Various cryptography methods like the hash function and a digital signature.

Platforms and Frameworks

Various platforms such as Ethereum, Tron and frameworks such as BigchainDB, Loom network and 0xcert etc.

Research Techniques

Knowledge of how to research about various latest platforms, asses their architecture, compare multiple platforms and find out best fit for particular solution.

Smart Contracts

Development of Smart contracts using Solidity language, smart contract enablers like the Truffle suite installation and various functionalities of smart contract.

Web Development

Both front and backend decentralized application development, handling APIs, Dapps based interactive GU interfaces etc.

blockchain skills

Where Is Blockchain Being Used?

Financial Services Financial companies are now making use of blockchain technology since the traditional system was error-prone and very slow. Users find blockchain much cheaper, transparent and effective

Blockchain Health Care Blockchain can be used to store personal health details with a private key which will allow access to only specific individual Receipts of surgeries could be stored on blockchain and send to insurance company as proof-of-delivery. It can also be used as health care management such as supervising drugs, testing results and managing health care supplies.

Blockchain Music The various problems in music industry include ownership right, transparency and music piracy. Blockchain and smart contract can solve these issues by creating an accurate decentralized database of music rights. At the same time provide transparent transmission of audio files and real time distribution to all involved with the labels. Artists would be paid with digital currency according to the specified terms of the contract.

Education Nowadays, blockchain solutions are used for simplifying the process of documents verification.

Blockchain Identity Blockchain protects a user’s identity by securing it and encrypting from spammers and various marketing schemes

Blockchain Training Key Features

What We Offer

3 Months Training in Blockchain


Video Course

Exclusive video course along with code samples


Hands’on POC’s

10+ Hands’on POC’s to build in blockchain


Exposure with Flexibility

Exposure to work on our US based initiatives



Timely support and guidance


Live Projects

Opportunity to work on live projects in blockchain


Research & Development

Opportunity to work on live projects in blockchain


Key Benefits

Insight into the Blockchain technology

Experience in working on live project

Collaborating with US mentors and their guidance

Team working experience

Industry relevant knowledge

Pursue a career as a Blockchain developer

Blockchain Certification

Why are we unique?

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