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SparkPlus Bringing Remarkably Bright Future for Blockchain Tech: Ramakant Samant

SparkPlus Technologies specializes in blockchain development with an unmatched approach and offers multiple IT services globally. They are committed to delivering excellent blockchain solutions for all sizes and shapes of businesses. This article by GoodFirms aims to highlight the successful journey traveled by the CEO of SparkPlus Technologies – Ramakant Samant.

SparkPlus Technologies specializes in delivering exceptional blockchain solutions for its clients worldwide. They also offer web and mobile app development solutions using cutting-edge technologies. Their dedicated team follows a comprehensive approach during the discovery phase through proper planning and research for the product’s development, launch, and digital marketing.

The company was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Mapusa, Goa. They have worked on various blockchain projects for many industries, including finance, decentralized finance, legal, education, healthcare, supply chain, digital transformation, eCommerce, information technology, transportation, and logistics.

SparkPlus is an ISO – 9001 certified company with offices in (Phoenix)USA, India, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

An essential contribution to the global blockchain network helped SparkPlus Technologies gain rank as one of the top blockchain development companies in Phoenix on the GoodFirms platform.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Ramakant Samant, SparkPlus Technologies’ CEO, to learn more about the company and its values.

Futuristic Approach Towards Technology

Ramakant, the CEO of SparkPlus, manages and supervises all the operations and tech departments of the company. He creates business strategies with his highly experienced and skilled team squad for Effective and efficient execution and maintains the time requirements for the project.

When asked about the story behind the company’s establishment, he said that SparkPlus’ founder Sudesh Sangelkar’s vision for the company is helping all sizes and shapes of businesses to grow in their respective industries using cutting-edge technology like blockchain with business intelligence.

He added that SparkPlus started its journey from Goa, India, with a small team and short-term goals to create opportunities for locals and set an example for local entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Their primary focus was building the most advanced and scalable technology-based products in demand by future generations worldwide.

 Business Model

Ramakant mentioned that SparkPlus has an in-house team and does not depend on external recruitment agencies or vendors. They provide training for various disciplines to harness their employees’ strengths and skills to match the company’s quality standards. The purpose of internal training is to help employees boost confidence and with the opportunity to grow together.

The Client’s Success is Our Success

Ramakant talked about how SparkPlus differentiates itself from its competitors; the innovative approach with business acumen is the most distinctive quality that the company possesses. Their team comprehends clients’ business requirements and provides suitable solutions to them.

Moreover, the team’s primary focus is to maintain long-lasting relationships with their clients, helping them to build trust and credibility and providing the ultimate growth of the business.

The reviews by GoodFirms show how SparkPlus Technologies works with its clients.

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Industries and Services that SparkPlus Specializes in

While talking about the industries and services they serve, Ramakant shared, SparkPlus works with almost every enterprise. Currently, most clients come from the fintech, retail, travel, and healthcare sector.

The Most In-Demand Services:

  • Blockchain network development
  • NFT Marketplaces solutions
  • Decentralized applications (dApps) development
  • Enterprise Blockchain solutions
  • Auditing
  • Training and consultation

Pricing Model

The company follows two pricing models: fixed cost and flexible hourly charges. The fixed cost model consists of multiple milestones containing different costs and project timelines. Whereas, when it comes to the hourly pricing model, the project’s total cost depends on the usage of developers’ time and other resources.

Ramakant also revealed that the company’s charges are low compared to its competitive companies in the market and based on budget and equity decided by the clients. This is how SparkPlus creates long-term commitment with its clients.

The minimum budget ranges from $2000 to $200000.

Lastly, RamaKant shared his vision for the coming ten years; the company will maintain the same trust and credibility with its clients. And help them achieve more growth in the business. Also, SparkPlus will be known as the world’s most reliable and professional blockchain development company.

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