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Brand new entrepreneurs with brand new ideas need help in validating their ideas and transforming them into reality. Incubate your ideas with us to market your product or service faster.

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You think you have an idea? You are not alone. Hundreds of ideas are lying dormant in side genius heads. It could be the next big thing in the real world. Innovate with us!

Talent Development

Are you an academia? Are you looking for a launch pad? Your search ends here with us. We have all the resources to guide and train you in emerging technologies such as Blockchain

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Moving your Spark to Blockchain

We believe that Blockchain solutions are built on the ‘power of we’ - substantially different from the way other conventional technologies work. Our basic thumb rule is to identify a ‘shift of trust’ and a reduced ’counterparty risk’ before getting onto an implementation.


Tokenization refers to the digitalization of real-world assets or financial instruments using blockchain technology. It is the first step towards entering into decentralized finance. SPARK+ takes care of your token journey by building a range of platforms which enables to launch, distribute and manage your token economy. We help you to tokenize and distribute your assets in fungible(ERC20), non fungible(ERC721) form.
Decentralized Finance
Decentralized finance—often called DeFi—refers to the shift from traditional, centralized financial systems to peer-to-peer finance enabled by decentralized technologies which provides better transparency. SPARK+ helps you to build interconnected financial ecosystems where each one has the opportunity to grow with the fluctuations in supply and demand. DeFi Platforms such as lending, liquidity mining and staking platforms serve as a major part of such ecosystems.
Blockchain Network Development
Latest advancement in blockchain technology enables you to build your own blockchain with customized protocols and virtual machines. The technology is in early state but SPARK+ is here to take you to the tour. SPARK+ helps you to build a custom blockchain with your own rules, protocols(POA,POS,POW) and EVM combinations with interoperable advanced platforms such as polkadot, Cosmos, multichain, Wanchain.
App Development and Integrations
APIs and Apps allows you to provide value to your users. SPARK+ expertise enables you to have blockchain backed mobile and web apps with various third party services integrations. Apps such as fully decentralized games, crypto wallets and integrations such as portise, 0xcert, chainlink SPARK+ can be your buddy.
Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
We harness the potential of varied Blockchain platforms to deliver innovative enterprise grade blockchain solutions that make a difference. We understand enterprise needs, balance between transparency and privacy. Blockchain can take your process automation to the next level with it’s decentralised and secure infrastructure. It enables trust and transparency in the system by maintaining privacy and authority at the same time.
Auditing, Training & Consultation
Smart contract security auditing is a thorough analysis of a blockchain applications " smart contracts" in order to correct design issues, errors in the code, or security vulnerabilities. We believe in delivering products with quality and 100% satisfaction. SPARK+ live project training, Blockchain consulting services acts as a catalyst for your business to support in different dimensions.
Smart Contract Auditing
Smart contract security auditing is a thorough analysis of a blockchain applications " smart contracts" in order to correct design issues, errors in the code, or security vulnerabilities. We believe in delivering products with quality and 100% satisfaction. SPARK+ live project training, Blockchain consulting services acts as a catalyst for your business to support in different dimensions.
Web/Mobile App Development
Our web developers provide our clients with skilled web application development and web design services. From mobile web development solutions to responsive website designs, we provide a wide range of website design and development services. Until the project is done, our web specialists will give you advice on practices based on the most up-to-date, best practices in web development and design.
Managed E-Commerce
We assist you in consolidating your E-Commerce platform in order to boost sales and capture a huge online market by responding quickly to consumer trends and market needs. We've partnered with businesses on long-term projects to provide all-around eCommerce support.SPARK+'s Managed E-Commerce services will handle any technical jargon so you can focus on your business.

Market Ready Solutions

Our Products / Projects


Liquidity Mining & Yield Farming Platform

To develop a community liquidity mining and staking platform. A decentralized DeFi platform having various features such as liquidity mining, staking and farming. Liquidity mining is a network participation strategy in which a user provides capital to a protocol in return for that protocol’s native token.


Full Fledged NFT Marketplace

ERC 721 non-fungible tokens and Asset management. 0xcert to build decentralized apps using fungible and non-fungible tokens quickly, cost-efficiently and securely. reates certificates and assets which are transferable and redeemable.


E-commerce and Metaverse for Weed

WeedCommerce is a utility token and distribution contract. Weedcommerce is disrupting cannabis e-commerce with crypto incentives and DeFi protocols. The project goal is to eventually launch the metaverse for marketplace.


Health and Fitness Token

Blockchain based social community focused decentralised ecosystem which incentivises and motivates community using different ways to live an active lifestyle through challenges. Digifit is a utility token which rewards users to live an active lifestyle through innovative games.


Decentralized Lottery & Gaming Ecosystem

To build a unique blockchain based lottery platform. The vision of the project is to build an ecosystem of transparent lottery and DeFi services together. A Decentralized and Transparent Lottery hosting platform with Defi integrations.


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Online lottery is a system which is designed to bring transparency in paper-based gambling & lottery system using blockchain technology.A blockchain based solution to eliminate paper based lotteries. It brings transparency lottery system, instant revenue via taxes and instant rewards distribution


Crypto currency platform

Cybor Wallet is Multi currency wallet platform developed as a first step to get into Cybor ecosystem. Cybor World is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected applications and services designed for your personal and business needs.


NFC based Crypto Payments

Instance is a contactless NFC payment for crypto that use near-field communication (NFC) technology to exchange data between readers and payment devices and e-wallet. A payment system with tap-to-pay cards with instant payments as well as settlements.


Decentralized NFC Cold wallet

Cwall is an application which manages and stores Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ERC20 tokens and etc. It allows users to manage all crypto assets inside a secure element to protect from hackers and other security threats.

Document Verification

Document Management through blockchain

A platform to use blockchain for storing proof of documents. Blockchain stores all of the transactions confirmed and all hashes are unique, once that transaction is confirmed, it can be referenced again to prove that a particular document existsVerification of document.

Decentralized Ide

SSI Based Identity Management

Decentralized Identity management solution to achieve data ownership. The solution can be used in various domain. An API implementation with Wallet App to hold the data enables user as well as third party services to integrate seamlessly with platform.

Certificate Management

Blockchain based Certificate Management

Blockchain based certificate management platform to issue certificate along with proof on blockchain. Through blockchain certificates can be verified along with with their origin.

Dapp Builder

No-code tool for smart contracts

D-Apps builder is a no-code platform to build and launch smart contracts & decentralised applications in few minutes. The platform makes smart contract development and deployment instant and easier .


Decentralized Video & NFT platform

Decentralized video sharing platform which incentivises community using different ways to create interconnected ecosystem. The platform has video sharing and reward features and interacts with different blockchains to make content available to number of users on single click


Decentralized Social Media

Infinity is a social media platform powered by decentralized internet technologies to bring transparency, trust, enhanced security and reliability in Social media. The Platform ensures identical user experience for the community by incentivising creators and users


Modern Talent Ecosystem

A platform, connecting education , practical training & potential employment opportunity that sets up for a career path It’s an ecosystem of Individuals, Institutions & Corporates It's a collaboration platform for Training, Recruiting & Career development

Goa Home Services

Goa Home Service provides a professional and affordable housekeeping services. It offer an extensive range of Services and connect businesses, service providers. The platform serves as tech solution for businesses to bring their services online and promote

Digital Baila

Digital baila is a social collaboration and networking platform. It is platform having Digital Transformation and process automation of SHGs and integrated with modern world technologies to bring trust, transparency and better insights about data.

Digital Baila Marketplace

Provide an online avenue for Goans with creative talents to sell their arts, crafts, products, and services locally and globally. Empower women, and others who can earn a living from their home while producing items that are made in Goa by Goans.


LLP incorporation in India takes about minimum 60 days for the registration process. There are various glitches and obstructions during the entire process where security, time consumption and efficiency is compromised.


WEMP is decentralized and governed by its vibrant, supportive, and amazing community. Our team and community volunteers welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to help build WEMP into one of the best decentralized communities in the crypto space.


Platform for Smart Contracts, NFT’s and Crypto products which enables users to swap tokens in decentralized way.


Website and mobile app having hybrid features of social media as well as marketplace. The diverse one stop shop connects women with the beauty, fashion, and wellness products or services they love. Drippretty will include features of Onboarding, Product & Services.


TheSparkOne is an open network which connects people and Sparks. One can create, share and contribute in a collaborative economy with trust and efficiency. A reliable platform that connects people and sparks, TheSparkOne nurtures creativity in a trusted and efficient environment.

Jet logistics

A website and Mobile Application that facilitates online courier services experience for users. An online web based portal where different stakeholders can login and manage workflow and an mobile app where users with different roles can take certain actions to manage workflow.


BookMyTrek, an Online Tourism Event Marketplace Company, makes it easy to find and book something you'll love to do. With access to high quality adventure experiences, there's always something new to discover, both near and far from home.


SparkLand helps you to exchange ideas fast, invite anyone to learn and build together. The mission of the platform is to empower professionals to create and collaborate better. A social platform for creators, students, nonprofits to participate and bring creativity to the world.

Goa Booking Search

A Hotel and flight scanner platform which searches in multiple booking systems and lets you select best hotels and flights in cheapest price. The platform provides informations about Hotels in Goa and flights.


Fyllan brings you more customers, more revenue per table, more often. Enables Diners to have an amazing experience at your restaurant rocks and because make the check-in and check-out totally seamless. Allow customers to find restaurants and pay an advance deposit to dine.


A network of metal & tools distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand for its wide range of truck product range, truck and trade toolboxes, hydraulic Oil tanks - truck water tanks. Ecommerce Platform and Website auditing, Onpage and off page SEO.


A Social Collaboration platform for Non-profit organizations to bring the local community and volunteers together for a good cause. There are more than 60 NGOs in GOA and it will be a huge benefit if more volunteers across various entities start registering using this platform.


A Social Collaboration platform for Non-profit organizations to engage with community. There are more than 60 NGOs in GOA and it will be huge benefit if more volunteers across various entities like – Government, private businesses, colleges can start registering using this platform.


An online ecommerce app to order fresh vegetables meat and fish online with superior quality. The app allows seller to reach to large customer base in order to sell fresh products in less time. Community to submit requests on what their needs are.


Lovelall5D is a sacred online space for awakening New Earth beings, specialising in energy mastery, transformational healing and multidimensional media. A company built on conscious love specializing in transformational healing and energy mastery.

Our Clients and Partners

SPARK+ C Co-Innovation -Innovation

Co-Innovation research

Research & strategy

  • Problem deep dive
  • Market research
  • Solution brainstorming
  • Product strategy
Co-Innovation pitch

Pitch & Demo

  • Roadmapping
  • Design POC
  • Tech POC
  • Content creation (website, pitch)
Co-Innovation agile development

Agile Development

  • MVP UX design
  • MVP development
  • Testing
  • Product management
Co-Innovation launch

Launch & Grow

  • Quality assurance
  • Launch marketing
  • Feedbacks & insights
  • Grow customers


Business and Product oriented Approach

Extensive research to find right solution

Believes in long term relationships

Expertise in modern technologies

Client Testimonials

What clients say about us ?


Highly professional and skilled developer. They have team have developers with global clients. I had website development work and got it done with good quality. Unique thing about them is they believe in giving suggestions and feedback rather than just doing what I said. Their approach is different and goes extra miles to meet deliverable.


We felt very seen and cared for. We appreciated the wisdom & dedication.


One of the best companies I have worked with. Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into application is awesome. SPARK+ developers are very easy and professional to deal with. Really hope our this venture takes off and we have regular association.

Diamond supply chain

We sincerely appreciate SPARK+ Company for making our company Logo what we had desired, The SPARK+ team has given us beyond our imagination which cannot be expressed by words. We were constantly expressing our requirements for logo designing of our newly registered company but when they finally made our Logo it was remarkable and so very unique.


Awesome, SPARK+ team is so patient and cordial, I gave them so many changes they did it without hesitation. I appreciate all team hard work and very grateful to you guys for making my first project such a happy one.


It was decent experience. The development phase was cooperative and very productive.


Its good experience to work with enthusiastic and talented team.


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