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The lottery is a type of gambling which involves the drawing of specific numbers to win the large prizes. Many people consider it as a gaming product, but it is a high volume industry which can also be called as a commodity.

Challenges faced by Lottery Industry

Time Consuming

Heavy Taxation



How Blockchain Can Bring Enhancement to the Lottery Industry

Smart Contract




Take your chance and hit it big in the best Ethereum lottery

Only risk-takers can make the grade in life. If you're one of them and feel like going way further than most people could ever think of, SparkLottery is where you're meant to be. It's a cryptographically secured blockchain lottery that provides players with the best odds possible. It is based on Ethereum smart contracts and opens a whole new world of winning opportunities to you.

Transparent gambling is our priority

Unlike online casinos, SparkLottery doesn't generate numbers randomly. The winning combinations in this crypto lottery consist of the symbols of the block hashes that are being created by miners all around the world once your transaction is added to the network. That means there is no way to hack or cheat the system.

What is more, SparkLottery uses publicly available smart contracts to ensure provably fair gambling. What does this mean to you? Verifiability and transparency of the results! Neither operators nor players can interfere with the outcomes of this Ethereum lottery. If you are sure that the fortune smiles upon you, you probably want to make the most of it. SparkLottery is a game that allows you to do that with all the benefits of decentralized gambling!

Playing a smart contract lottery has never been easier

First, you should install an Ethereum web3 wallet unless you don't have one. It is needed to interact with smart contracts and receive prizes. We recommend that you opt for Metamask that is available as a browser extension and is highly compatible. Once you log in to your Metamask account, you can start playing the SparkLottery:

  • The gambling process comes down to guessing last 6 hex numbers of the block hash that will be generated based on your transaction. Fill in the required spaces for specific symbols, odd/even group numbers, or letters. All in all, you can choose 1 to 6 symbols.
  • If you have ever played Powerball, the chances are that you know that its odds are 1 in about 300 million. When guessing hex symbols in the Spark Lottery, you are not that much far from winning. You can fill in for as many numbers and letters as you wish. Therefore, it's up to you to play only with specific symbols, group numbers, or both. The choice is always yours!
  • When you're done with filling in the spaces, it's time to place your bet. Since the SparkLottery blockchain lottery doesn't charge exorbitant transaction fees, you can start playing with as little as 0.01 ETH for each space that you've filled. Simply put, if you choose to guess all 6 hex numbers and symbols, your minimum bet amount will be only 0.06 ETH whereas the potential prize will be colossal.
  • The last step is to confirm your transaction. Allow for some time for the hash block to be generated and enjoy your winnings.

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