Decentralized Lottery & Gaming

Introducing a cutting-edge decentralized lottery and gaming suite, providing users with a safe, transparent, and fair gaming experience. It ensures transparency through decentralized random number generator(chainlink VRF) and automated winning amount distribution(chainlink automate). It enables lottery organizers to organize lotteries for players and promote their brand through it. 

Customizable lottery

Bookies have the authority to create and customize lotteries

DeFi integration

Enables an transparent, secure, and transparent financial system


Automated flow to reduce human involvement to maintain fairness of games


Elegant interface with minimal and simple design

Quick payments

Saves time and improves the client experience

Random number generator

Generates a set of random numbers which is untraceable and unpredictable to ensure fair winner selections

Project Using
Decentralized Lottery & Gaming


Decentralized Lottery & Gaming Ecosystem

To build a unique blockchain based lottery platform. The vision of the project is to build an ecosystem of transparent lottery and DeFi services together. A Decentralized and Transparent Lottery hosting platform with Defi integrations.



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