Streamline School Cafeteria Management with Our Cashless System

Revolutionize school cafeteria management with our cutting-edge cashless system. Say goodbye to long queues and cash handling, and hello to streamlined  operations and satisfied students.

How it works?

  • Sign Up: Parents sign up for the system through the mobile app or web portal, creating an account for their child.
  • Top Up: Using the mobile app, parents can easily top up their child’s meal account with funds. This can be done securely using various payment methods.
  • Receive Card: Once the account is topped up, the school provides the student with a unique identification card, linked to their account.
  • Tap and Pay: At the cafeteria, students simply tap their card on the payment terminal to make a purchase. The system deducts the cost of the meal from their account in real-time.


Our cashless system offers a range of benefits for schools, students, and parents, transforming the cafeteria experience for all stakeholders

For Schools

Streamlined Operations

Reduce administrative workload by eliminating cash handling and manual reconciliation processes.

Improved Efficiency

Speed up cafeteria transactions, leading to shorter queues and a more efficient service.

Enhanced Security

Minimize the risk of cash-related issues such as theft or loss, ensuring a safer cafeteria environment.

For Students

Convenient Payment

Enjoy hassle-free cafeteria transactions without the need to carry cash or worry about lost funds.

Faster Service

Spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying meals with friends.

Transparent Spending

Gain insights into spending habits and track meal purchases in real-time for better budgeting.

For Parents

Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing that funds are securely stored in their child’s meal account, reducing concerns about lost or misused cash.

Convenient Management

Easily top up their child’s account and monitor spending from anywhere using the mobile app or web portal.

Control Over Spending

Set daily or weekly spending limits to ensure that your child manages their funds responsibly.

Additional Benefits

Promotes Healthier Eating Habits

Encourages students to make healthier food choices by providing a convenient payment method for nutritious meals.

Supports Sustainability

Reduces the use of paper currency and receipts, contributing to a more environmentally friendly cafeteria environment.

Streamlined Processes

Minimizes cash handling and reduces administrative burden on school staff, allowing them to focus more on student needs and cafeteria management.


Our cashless system is packed with features to streamline cafeteria operations and enhance the experience for students, institutions, and parents

For Students

  • Prepaid Card: Convenient and seamless cafeteria transactions with a prepaid card.
  • Easy Payments: Quick and secure cafeteria purchases by tapping the prepaid card.
  • Account Management: User-friendly interface for checking balances, viewing transactions, and managing meal preferences.
  • Pre-Ordering: Advance meal orders via the mobile app for faster service.

For Institutions

  • Web Dashboard: Intuitive platform to manage accounts, monitor transactions, and generate reports.
  • Customization: Tailor meal plans, pricing, and menus to fit institution and student needs.
  • POS Integration: Effortless integration with existing point-of-sale systems for smooth transactions.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Live tracking of cafeteria operations and inventory for efficient management.

For Parents

  • Mobile App: Dedicated app to manage a child’s meal account, view history, and subscribe to plans.
  • Manual Top-Ups: Flexibility to add funds manually for budget control.
  • Meal Plan Subscription: Convenient option to ensure regular, nutritious meals for their child.
  • Spending Alerts: Notifications for low balances and transaction limits to stay informed.

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